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    Cogar is an Australian-owned and operated directional drilling, trenching, civil works and construction company based in Melbourne, Victoria. Cogar has been operating for over 30 years working throughout many industries including telecommunications, electrical, gas, water, trenching and civil works as a specialist in directional drilling, optic fibre and

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  • Directional Drilling

    Cogar is a leader in horizontal directional drilling in Melbourne and Australia. With over three decades experience in industries such as telecommunications, gas and water, Cogar has performed horizontal directional drilling in a wide variety of different terrains and environments.

  • Optic Fibre Cable Hauling

    Given the prevalence and demand for high speed digital communication in today’s world, optic fibre cable hauling and installation projects from government and the telecommunications industry has been one of Cogar’s main focuses over the last decade.

  • Trench and Manhole Installation

    Cogar has provided non-destructive drilling, trenching and a variety of civil works to a range of different clients. Cogar has conducted projects in pipe, pit, conduit, optic fibre, copper, and manhole installation and maintenance in both new and existing public areas.

  • Our Projects

    Over the past three decades Cogar has worked on many different projects throughout Melbourne, regional Victoria and across Australia.

  • Our Management

    Cogar has distinguished itself in fields such as civil works, horizontal directional drilling, optic fibre installation and cable hauling by developing intelligent and effective management techniques.

  • Our Accreditation

    Cogar ensures that its staff and external contractors are always properly qualified and accredited to perform all tasks as required.