About Us

Cogar is an Australian-owned and operated directional drilling, trenching, civil works and construction company based in Melbourne, Victoria. Cogar has been operating for over 30 years working throughout many industries including telecommunications, electrical, gas, water, trenching and civil works as a specialist in directional drilling, optic fibre and general cable hauling, utilities project management, as well as fulfilling maintenance and construction contracts for government and private clients.

Cogar operates with a small, tight-knit family of core staff that expands into a large team of contractor professionals, depending on the work that is required for each particular project. In this way, the Cogar team can grow to meet any challenge large or small.



Cogar has always been an efficient company, working its strengths and learning new skills to match how industry has evolved. It has moved throughout various industries from gas and water, to general civil works, to telecommunications and optic fibre cable hauling, to reliable project management and site control.

Cogar’s business has enjoyed success because it encourages a culture of ethical conduct, teamwork and mutual trust among our clients, partners, employees and contractors. We also employ a strong practice of review and introspection into our business practices and past projects, which allows us to see that progress and growth are assured with every project completed.


  • National Broadband Network (NBN) Rollout
  • Vodafone Network Rollout
  • Audio System Upgrade at the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne
  • MAB Docklands Development Project
  • ‘Black Saturday’ Bushfire Recovery Program
  • Monash Freeway Upgrade
  • Smart Schools
  • ‘The Tan’ Lighting Upgrade
  • Melbourne Commonwealth Games – Various sporting stadium communication upgrades to facilitate events (including MCG)

To discuss working with Cogar or to find out more about our operations in directional drilling, optic fibre cable hauling, trenching and civil works, please don’t hesitate to contact us online or by calling 03 9761 5333.